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This Japanese model is a very famous gravure model. Gravure is an oriental art of photography with highly attractive female models teasing observes into erotic ecstasy – however, without getting nude. The website takes this one step further and combines sensual nude art photography with gravure style high quality shots of famous Japanese pornstars like Ai Sudo and others.
First Gravure Photo Set with Ai Sudo
We will follow up about this model once we hear news about new photo updates of her. Other models on this resource include Mana Aoki, Momoka Hayami, Nao Shiraishi, Ai Mizushima and Hiroko.

Ai Sudo

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Short Account from visit to Tokyo:
In essence: attitudes vary from place to place. I had no luck with p4p action in Tokyo, although I picked up a girlfriend there; yet in Kyoto I had much fun at one of the many little ‘suck parlours’ in the sidestreets (bbbj+cim, and a little dribbling out of her mouth and down her face) where they had no problems entertaining my white wand. I also met a cutie and friend at a local eatery, took them for drinks at a nearby hotel (one of the British themed ones, Pig & Fiddle or some such) and got the cute one back to my hotel room.
Even if it costed me $35 I had now learned that these places are to be avoided. I walked around the area for a while, and then I found another (bigger) McDonald’s. This was of course the area that had been mentioned on the sites. I found a lot of places with big signs of beautiful Asian girls and prices. They seemed to charge different rates depending at the time of the day. It was of course most expensive during the evening and the night. I was there at 8 pm, and that was when the higher prices started. According to the signs, 60 minutes of whatever (didn’t say what) costs between 8000 and 20 000 yen. Most often, you have to enter an elevator to reach these places. In some of the buildings, there are girl places at each and every floor. I just chose one of the buildings and took the elevator to the third floor. I was greeted by a nice Japanese man, but he said right away “Japanese only”. I was not welcome as a western guy. I asked him if any of the other places in the buildning would accept foreigners, but his answer was negative. Tried more elevator buildings, but no one would let me in. It was a bit weird feeling to not be able to come in just because of your race.
While walking around several touts approached me, but I always ignored them. However, after a few more bad results in the elevator buildings, I decided to at least speak with one of the touts. I know you never should speak to a tout, and that it most often is a ripoff. But I was getting desperate. He said “Do you want massage?”. I said “Can I as a foreigner” and he replied “I know one place that accepts foreigners”. I was a bit reluctant to following him as I was a bit afraid to get into a ripoff. But I thought that I at least could see what place he was talking about. Just a block away (close to the huge neon arch – you will know what I mean when you’re there) there was a place that was just one flight of stairs up. I followed him up and there was a counter with an older Japanese man sitting. In front of him there was a price list. I said I wanted the shortest time, and they then said that this was just for massage. If I choose one houe for 10 000 yen (approx $70) I would get full service. I thought it might be worth a chance. I gave the man behind the counter 10 000 yen, and the man and the tout spoke with each other on Japanese. I’m sure the tout got some kind of kickback for bringing me there, but I never paid the tout any money.
After the tout left, the older man showed me seven or eight laminated color phots of beautiful Japanese girls. I asked if all of the were available and he said yes. All of the were great looking, and probably between 19 and 25 years old. There were two girls who I liked more than the others, so I chose the one who looked the youngest. The man said OK and showed me into a small waiting room. I was waiting there for about five minutes when the old man came in. He said that the girl I chose wasn’t available. I didn’t really understand for what reason, but I think it was about me being Western. He had brought photos of the other girl, so I chose the other one I really liked. He said that I should wait for a while. I waited for seven or eight minutes which felt like ages. Then the old man said that I should follow him. We went into a really small room, which was more like a cubicle. The walls din’t reach the ceiling, so you could hear everything going on in the other rooms. The rooms was furnished with one bed and a clothes hanger and not much more. After a few minutes the girl entered the room. She was even more beuatiful in real life. She said her name was Mick, and she spoke fairly good English. She told me to undress, which I did. By the way – she was wearing a dress. Not a supersexy dress, more of a casual dress. When I was naked she gave me a towel and said I should follow her to the shower. I am always very afraid to leave my valuables at a place like this. I had my wallet in my jeans which was in the room. But I followed her to the shower which was close to the entrance. I was just wearing a towel at this time. I took a really quick shower while Mick was waiting outside. Then we went together back into the small room. I had to double check that my valuables were still there, and everything was fine. She then gave me a traditional massage with me lying face down. This was nice, but not sexual in any way. After ten or fifteen minutes she told me to turn around. She did some short massage on my chest before touching my dick. This was of course pointing to the ceiling, and she was laughing. She asked if I wanted “the special service”. Appearantly I would only get traditional massage for 10 000 yen. She said she wanted 12 000 yen for this. I am sure she said 12 000 as she even wrote 12 with her fingers on my chest. I then gave her 12 000 yen, and she said she should take a shower. But five seconds after she left she returned one of the 1000 yen bills and she said that 11 000 was enough. I’m not really sure what that was about. A couple of minutes later she was back just wearing a towel. She dropped the towel and revealed and amazing body. Totally perfect. She started to kiss my chest and I touched her everywhere. She seemed to be into it. After a while she put a condom on my dick and she just went on top on me with her pussy at my face. How could she know that 69 is my favorite position 🙂 ! We did this for a short while until I just exploded. It was amazing, but I was a bit sad that I came so quick. She cleaned my dick with napkins, and I was then certain that the session was over. But she kept on touching me, and just being a great girl. So after a while she put a new condom and started a new sucking session. After a while she took the condom off and used some oil and did a great hand job. This was actually really good. You might think that just a hand job and a blowjob isn’t anything special, but this really was. After twenty minutes I was done again, and we went together to the shower. She let me soap her and I washed her tits, and she washed my dicks. This was actually really nice. We chatted for a while, and then I left, quite exactly one hour before I arrived. I was really satisfied. The total amount of money spent was 21 000 yen (approximately ($ 150). This is of course a lot of money if you compare to places like Thailand, but for being in an expensive country as Japan I think it was quite good. And the service was so good that I don’t mind paying.

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