Maria Ozawa

Maria Ozawa Nudes

Maria OzawaShe is Japan’s most famous adult movie star: Japanese-Canadian top model Maria Ozawa. Interested in seeing some of her hottest nudes shot by Norwegian nude art photo guru Petter Hegre? Ok, here is a list of Maria’s most recent nudes that could be found online:

Nude Art images from 2011 in acrobatic poses
Maria Ozawa applies Nuru Gel on her naked body, a sensual massage oil
Cute nudes featuring Maria Ozawa in Tokyo
Semi nude torero exposes her hairy girlie bits

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If you love her like an idol, become her friend and subscriber on Facebook: Ozawa Zone
She is such a huge star that even offers and abundance of information about her: Maria Ozawa on Wikipedia. And there is also a list of Maria’s films on

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